Harald's compositions for organ! The tape numbers were arbitrarily assigned by the University of Alabama. They are included here so that you may sit around with friends and say things like "I really like the the Short Chorale Prelude on Tape118" and your friend can reply "Nah, the one on Tape125 is the best!!"


On his radio show, Harald twice played a set from this book, each time called "8 Short Chorale Preludes." As such they were originally listed that way here

1. Holy Holy Holy (125)
2. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (125)
3. Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones (125)
4. O God Our Help in Ages Past (125)
5. Praise to the Lord (125)
6. In Dulci Jubilo (125)
7. If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee (125)
8. O Come O Come Immanuel Tape (125)
9. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (125)
10. O Sacred Head (86)
11. Blessed Jesus at Thy Word (86)
12. Sing Praise to God (86)
13. Now Thank We All Our God (86)
14. All Glory Laud and Honor (86)
15. Adeste Fidelis (118)
16. The Day is Passed and Over (118)
18. The Church is One Foundation (118)
19. The Stife is Over (118)
20. Behold the Savior of Mankind (118)
21. We Gather Together (118)
23. I'll Praise Our Maker While I Have Breath (118)
25. Joy Dawned Again On Easter Day (118)
27 Jesus the Name on High (89)
28. Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies (89)

Fantasy For Organ Christ Has Arisen (169)
Fantasy for Organ Christ is Arisen (152)

Seven Little Preludes and Fugues No 1 (65)
Little Prelude and Fugue in A I Prelude (87)
Little Prelude and Fugue in A I Fugue (87)
Little Prelude and Fugue in D (44)
Little Prelude and Fugue in E I Prelude (87)
Little Prelude and Fugue in E II Fugue (87)
Little Prelude and Fugue in F (44)

Sonata for Organ
Movement I (160 )
Movement II (160) (probably not....)

Three Trumpet Tunes Preludes (216) (with NO TRUMPET!!! Can you believe that???)
Trumpet Tune 1
Trumpet Tune 2
Trumpet Tune 3

book book
Toccata and Chorale Now Sing We Now Rejoice (In Dulci Jubilo) (115)
Organ Chorale Good Christian Men Rejoice (203)

Two Organ Pieces (173)
No.1 (Ten Pieces for Organ No. II)
No. 2 (Ten Pieces for Organ No. I)
Two Organ Pieces (66)
No 1 (Ten Pieces for Organ, No. I
No 2 (Ten Pieces for Organ, No. II

In Dulci Jubilo (His only composition in this book)

Partita on the Chorale O Holy Jesus (175)

Prelude No. I (121)
Prelude No. II (126)
Prelude No. VII (121)
Prelude No. VIII (121)
Prelude No. IX (145)
Prelude No. XI (121)
Prelude No. XII (145)
Prelude No. XV (145)
Prelude No. XIV (121)

All Praise to God Who Reigns Above (197)
Allegro in F Major (193)
Bell Tune for Carrilon (126)
Bell Tune (228)
Chorale and Variations Come Holy Ghost Lord and God (152)
Chorale and Variations on Lord Jesus Christ Thou Art My Hope (228)
Chorale Prelude Adeste Fidelis (159)
Chorale Prelude Come Thou Thankful People Come (78)
Chorale Prelude Come Ye Thankful People (107)
Chorale Prelude Lord Come Ye Thankful People Come (137)
Chorale Prelude Lord Have Mercy Upon Us (137)
Chorale Variations Now Come Redeemer of the World (202)
Chorale Variations on a 16th Century Chorale (213)
Chorale Variations on Lord Jesus Christ (78)
Dialogue for Flute and Mixtures (159)
Gigue Fugue (87)
How Bright We Thank the Morning Star (195)
Intrada and Chorale In Dulci Jubilo (195)
Intrada in C Major (135)
Now Thank We All Our God (197)
Now Praise the Lord O My Soul (144)
Organ Chorale A Might Fortress (197)
Organ Prelude based on a Gregorian Chant (97)
Passion Music for Organ (211)
Pastorale in F (115)
Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow (197)
Praise to the Lord (184)
Praise to the Lord The Almighty (197)
Prelude for Organ in the Style of a Folk Tune (126)
Prelude in D (70)
Quem pastores Lauda Verunc (123)
Short Organ Piece 1 (44)
Short Organ Piece 2 (44)
Sing Praise to God (194)
Three Organ Preludes (216)
Toccata Directus Christus (157)
Toccata in A (105)
Toccata in C (99)
Toccata in G (170)
Trumpet Call (87)
Trumpet Toccata (StJMusR)
Two Organ Preludes (126)
Two Organ Preludes 2
Two Settings of O Holy Jesus (225)
Setting I
Setting II