Radio Show

In the early 1960s, Harald Rohlig had a weekly radio show. Each week he would take his tape recorder to Memorial Presbyterian Church and record the show. All of these tapes were kept. In 2009 the University of Alabama acquired all the tapes and put many of them online. In 2014 Dennis Herrick got a copy of the original files from the University and started a restoration project. These files are the source of most of the music found here. The bottom of this page lists all the sources.

All recordings that have a number from 11-229 in parenthsis like this (212) mean that file comes from Tape 212. This is just a reference to the tape number assigned by the University of Alabama. It has no reference to chronology or content. It gives you something to discuss with your friends about which recording you like best. You may like the Prelude (212) and someone else thinks you're crazy and Prelude (64) is better.

Harald also made several recordings. When the Huntingdon Organ was replaced with a new one he designed, four records were made, called The Huntingdon Organ, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. The was also a a two record set of Bach's Orgelbuchlein.

When the next rennovation of the Huntingdon organ was done in 2000, he gave a dedication recital. All of these recordings can be found both on the records page and each composition can be found under the specific composers.

Technical Issues

If you are interested in the processing of the tapes, keep reading! The first step was to copy the existing monaural file and paste it into a stereo file template. This simply gave a two channel monaural file. Consideration was given to making some CDs, and having a stereo track (2 channel) is required.

By and large the tapes were well preserved, but as can be expected of tapes this age there were some problems. One of these was noise on the tapes -- tape hiss, air conditioning/heating noise, etc. In most cases it was possible to remove these noises. In some cases it was not, and the noise can still be heard. An additionanl problem found on reel-to-reel tapes is bleed through -- a transfer of magnetic images from one track to another one which is tight against it on the reel. Generally this can't be heard during a musical selection, but is quite evident in the seconds leading up to the beginning of a piece, where this very light "shadow" of sound can be heard. These were eliminated.

Source Codes

Number in parenthesis Radio Show from the early 1960s
ADV851985 Advent Recitalo Music of Bach
HC-1Music for Huntingdon Vol. 1 Record
HC-2Music for Huntingdon Vol. 2 Record
HC-2Music for Huntingdon Vol. 3 Record
HC-2Music for Huntingdon Vol. 4 Record
HC-01Huntingdon Organ Dedication Recital, 2001
orgOrgelbuchlein Record
HR-09Harald Rohlig Organ Recital, October 2009
StJ06Dedication Recital for St. John's Organ 2006
StJMusMusic At St. John's CD
StJMusRMusic At St. John's Record
L09 Lent Concert 2009
L10Lent Concert 2010
PPensacola Recital
WCWashington Cathedral Recital